Condition Monitoring Reporting
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Welcome to This is a condition monitoring reporting site for delievering online results for vibration analysis and oil analysis, which can be created by the system based on the user's options. There are also functions for searching and viewing historical condtions of machines, providing feedback comments to the analysts' recommendations, and writing machine maintenance log book.

This reporting system also deliever pre-compiled reports (mainly in PDF format) for other severices such as NDT, Balancing, Lubrication, and Structural integrity.

To log on to the CM Reporting Page, please click the link in the top right corner of this page.

There is also a Condition Monitoring Forum on this site on CM news, experience, CM knowlege, questions. It also allow internal staff to load/downlad big files. This forum is open for all users after registration. To enter this forum, click the link on the top menu bar.

The Bearing Search Page will privde a seach function to find out bearing defect frequencies such cage rate, ball spin frequency, BPFO and BPFI based on a bearing database. It also provides knowlege on how the bearing defect frequencies are derived and calculated. This page is under construction.

The Case Study page shows some machine faults that were successfully detected using vibration analysis technicques.